Our A, B, C of the kitchen

Appetisers, Burgers & Cookies

A delicious mash-up of different cultures and diversity. Ham from
Piedmont meets cheese from Rocamadour, a farm-bred pig and
a boar from the forests form a hamburger... All quality products
with a story. The cosmocafé serves food for the stomach and the
brain. Know what you eat, do not eat anything you don't want to eat,
and read the story about our products

Appetizers share.
Or just for yourself.

Assortment Charcuterie v.d. Chef (2-4p)  €19,00
Finocchina | ventricina | prosciutto | matonella | coppa

Homemade croquettes €7,00
6 stuks | with home-made dragonsauce

Polpetta €5,00
Stuffed meatball

Cheese suggestion St. Simeon’ (2-4p) €18,00
4 artisan quality cheeses, selected by cheese master Freddy Hendrickx,
served with farm bread and jams

Pur Porc €5,00
Dry sausage with Tierentijn mustard

The top shelf (2-4p) €20,00
Mixed assortment of our finest selection of charcuterie and cheeses


Thinned by Mr. Berckel

Finocchina €7,00
Tuscan ripe salami with fennel seeds

Ventricina €8,00
Spicy seasoned salami from Calabria

Proscuitto Matonella €8,00
Mediterranean tile ham with
12 months of aging

Coppa €9,00
Dried and matured neck piece
of selected pork

Boutique Burgers

Worldly burgers, each with a unique story:
each burger refers to one of Koen Vanmechelen's projects.
With each bite you contribute to the sustainable chain.

Cosmo burgers - beef burgers with 100% Haspengouws white-blue

Classic Boutique Burger €11,00
100% Haspengouws white-blue | lettuce | pickles |
ketchup | mustard

Cheeseburger Upperclass €11,50
100% Haspengouws white-blue | lettuce | pickles | ketchup |
mustard cheddar cheese

Ben’s Black Pepper Burger €12,00
100% Haspengouws white-blue | iceberg |
black pepper sauce | comté cheese St.Simeon

Crunchy Bacon Lovers €13,00
100% Haspengouws white-blue | lettuce | secret sauce |
Breydel bacon | tomato

Beef Bearnaise ‘comme il faut’ €12,50
100% Haspengouws white-blue | tomato | bearnaise

MECC burgers

MECC Burger — 100% veggie €12,00
Portobello’s | A.O.C. cheese | homemade pesto

Community burgers

Community Burger €14,50
Open burger op focaccia | gouda cheese | andalouse maison |
tomato | red onion

Lucy burgers

Lucy Burger €13,00
Bacon from wool pig from the Dutch Heyde farm | 100% Haspengouws white-blue |
AOC cheese | BBQ sauce | caramelized onion



French fries

Mixed salad

Tomato salad


Fancy something else?

Shrimp croquettes € 9,00 (1) 17,00 (2)
Maison Annick

Tuna Salad €19,00


Choose your favorite from our daily fresh assortment of homemade cosmocookies

Our kitchen is open until 9pm.

Our dishes can contain allergens and gluten.
Please notify us if you are allergic to certain ingredients.